Harmonic Card Decks

Decks for Guided Inspiration unfold a beautiful journey, gently quieting the mind to stimulate the imagination into places of profound, powerful reflection.


Available Harmonic Card Decks

Each Harmonic inspirational card deck encompasses one of four Worlds of Good Fortune Harmonics: Wisdom, Embracing, Unfolding, and Joy. Each deck comes with a set of beautifully finished 11″ x 3″ cards, included poem and contemplation. Available as individual decks or in as a set of four. Collect all four Harmonic Decks, for a total of 46 interactive cards, which enhance inner journeying, meditation and creative play.


Wisdom Harmonic Card Deck

The Wisdom Harmonic (cards 2-12) invites us to remember our Royal nature and inheritance in love. This deck also includes our two signature cards: Worlds of Good Fortune (card 1) The Inner Companion (card 46)  


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Embracing Harmonic Card Deck

Soft, feminine, magnetic and nurturing, the blessings of the Embracing Harmonic (cards 13-23) invite deep inner listening and stillness celebrating the preciousness in being.


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Unfolding Harmonic Card Deck

The blessings of the Unfolding Harmonic (cards 24-34) awaken the fire of creative passion. Warm, sensuous and healing, this Harmonic lights up the temple body and mind.


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Joy Harmonic Card Deck

The Joy Harmonic (cards 35-45) offers the blessings of integration and wholeness. It is vibrant, sensual and exuberant – Paradise! We are divine children, delighting in life, playfully expressing ourselves in creative wonder and beauty.


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Buy all 4 Harmonic Decks and SAVE!

This set includes:
The Wisdom Harmonic (cards 1-12+46)
The Embracing Harmonic (cards 13-23)
The Unfolding Harmonic (cards 24-34)
The Joy Harmonic (cards 35-45)


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