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About WOGF

Worlds of Good Fortune offers gentle, playful, interactive fine art creations that inspire the imagination and stimulate positive, conscious awareness.

These beautiful creations are passionate reminders to our essential Self – message from the heart revealing the ever present wellspring of love flowing through and around us in every moment. Continue reading…

About the Artist

As a self taught painter, the spirit that guides and propels my work begins in unconstrained play. In the transparency of water, rich and vivid colors flow. Continue reading…

“I look so darn happy with my art work. And I am. Since choosing and receiving my beautiful, up lifting art from Worlds of Good Fortune I feel as if my living room space has come alive. It makes me so happy to look at and feel this inspired art on my walls. And when my friends come into my home that is the first thing they see and comment on. Its so much fun. The biggest challenge is choosing the ones you love the most for your space, because they are all so amazingly beautiful and dynamic.”

Gloria Reeder

Sedona, AZ

“The art work from Worlds of Good Fortune has graced the school with great beauty and spaciousness. The feeling of the pieces, along with the poetry that accompanies each piece resonate with the soul of the school. Our students also enjoy playing with the divination cards!”

Nancy Matthews

Sedona, AZ

“There has never been a time that is more pregnant with possibility and so perfect for Worlds of Good Fortune to delight the human race with a reminder of what our true abundance and true riches are all about. Though we may be challenged financially because of the economy, Worlds of Good Fortune points us to that which is our ultimate wealth, our true inheritance, that which does not come and go. I use all the different cards and different art pieces in my home and in my practice as a healer therapist.”


Sedona, AZ

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Worlds of Good Fortune is located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. This supportive environment inspires creativity within our community of artisans and free thinkers.

Address: 211 Caballo
Sedona, Arizona 86336

Phone: 928-451-2661

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S

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